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Just a neighbourhood bar

Nestled between a street noodle stall and a local coffee shop, Birdy was born right in the heart of the rising district of Binh Thanh.  The eight seat counter bar was created to fill what was missing from the Pham Viet Chanh Street area:  an intimate place with a warm and friendly atmosphere.  The small space at disposal has become a place where the growing community of new residents can meet daily over classic drinks to chat and listen to a great selection of vintage and contemporary music.


At only 16 sqm, Birdy is still probably the smallest bar in town.  The new bar received its first visitors exclusively through word of mouth, but soon became one of the areas ‘worst kept secrets’.  Birdy has become a delightful little discovery for urban adventurers and travelers that decide to explore a different part of Sai Gon from the usual, more tourist oriented destinations.


It’s the joy of feeling a part of this larger, somehow familiar neighborhood community that one experiences when they walk into Birdy.  This is reflected in our favourite farewell when you finally leave “see you tomorrow”.

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